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About Me

I am Karthik and I am a Software Engineer by profession. I am also a great believer in having a positive outlook and in seeking ways for self-improvement.

This blog is my attempt to share what I learn in the areas of both Software Engineering and Self Engineering.

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As a Software Engineer, I enjoy learning new technologies and new ways of creating and improving software. Creating anything from scratch requires creativity. It's the same with software. In my several years of experience, I find that there is always a way to improve how things are done. This blog is an attempt to share what I have been learning in the hope that it may help fellow Software Engineers.


I believe in continuous self-improvement. Just as software evolves over time with new versions getting released, people too evolve. Ideally, you should strive to become a better person over time. Being mindful of this and being proactive about improving yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can possess. In this blog, I endeavour to share positive values to aid in this process.

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